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I enjoy designing things and then making them work. When I’m not designing and building, I’m photographing or composing music.
Milwaukee, WI


Tracking your Macros with MacroBuilder

I started working on my nutrition by joining the Working Against Gravity team last November. Their coaches track your progress and prescribe macros for you to eat on a weekly basis. The whole program is based around tracking the food you eat making sure you don’t go over or under the prescribed macros.

In order to effectively track the food you eat there are a lot of online and mobile apps to help but I found that none of them really did what I want. So I built my own tracking spreadsheet. I’ve been working on it, improving it, and using it for about 25 weeks now and I want to release it to help other people track their macros too.

The spreadsheet was built in Google Docs, so you’ll need a Google Docs account (it’s free). Once you have an account you can add this shared spreadsheet into your own docs and then you’ll be able to edit it.

Click here to access the spreadsheet

If you’re having problems using the spreadsheet and want to know how to use it I’ve created a 7-part video series: